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Fundraising Committee


  • Advise the Alumni Engagement & Communications Committees on translating activity into donations that will support Florida Club Rowing.
  • Maximize donations to support the FCAA & Florida Club Rowing.
  • Develop financial resources outside of events to create more donation streams.

Fundraising Committee Members

Christina Casler, 2010-2014 / Andy Mullins, 2009-2013

Isabelle McCullough, 2010-2013 / Lauren Day, 2012-2014

Communication Committee


  • Work in Conjunction with the Alumni Engagement Committee to spread the word on events, updates, race results, etc.
  • Provide consistent content via social media & e-mail to keep alumni engaged.
  • Act as the Web that helps keep physically distanced alumni connected.

 Communication Committee Members

Andrea Dautant, 2016-2020 / Abby Britton, 2016-2020

Joe Lennon, 2014-2018 / Stephanie Schwarz, 2009-2012

Alumni Engagement Committee


  • Develop Alumni Community Interaction.
  • Coordinate alumni racing & special events.
  • Increase alumni presents & support at team events & regattas.

Alumni Engagement Committee Members

Joey Briggs, 2016-2017 / Sam Rubin, 2015-2019 / Britnny Ostermann, 2012-2016

Megan Labrecque, 2017-2020 / Seb Slagle, 2015-2019 / Erin Stepchuck, 2016-2020

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